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Ryder Cup - Medianh Course No3
By Off22
September 20 2012

The 2012 Ryder Cup will soon be underway, we have taken a look at the Medinah Country Club Course that the players will have to battle with.

Ryder Cup 2012

Medinah Country Club

 Course No 3

Designed byTom Bendelow Course, updated by Rees Jones in 2003

Hole 1

433 yards, Par 4

The addition of a new back tee has lengthened the hole. Players attempting to hit a driver may result in a hanging lie in the fairway.  The green has a slight pitch, from back-to-front, with a Rees Jones collection area, back-left that needs to be avoided. The toughest hole placement is back-right, with only 18 feet of green behind the front-right bunker. An easy opening hole.

Hole 2

192 yards, Par 3

This very challenging par-3 has a forced carry, with no bailout on the left side. A missed shot left will lead to having to drop the ball in the drop area. The traditional winds from the southwest may effect the players and makes this hole a difficult par-3.

Hole 3

412 yards, Par 4

From the tee, the players will see the Rees Jones bunkers down the right side that should be the target to work the ball right-to-left. They will have to try to stay to the right side to avoid the overhanging Medinah trees. Levelling of the fairway has made this a viable birdie hole. The green slopes from back-to-front and is guarded by bunkers on both sides.

Hole 4

463 yards, Par 4

Any balls hit down the left side of this fairway will likely find the rough. Approach shots to the green need a club longer because of the severe elevation change from fairway-to-green. The green is slightly sloped from back-to-front, but has a way of disguising one of the fastest putts at Medinah. The key here for the players is  to keep the ball below the hole.

Hole. 5

536 yards, Par 5

The shortest par-5 on the course makes this is the perfect hole for players to gamble and risk the reward. The premium location with a driver is right-centre, leaving most players with a 3- or 4-iron to an elevated green. The green isn't easy to hit in two, because it is elevated.  

Hole 6

509 yards, Par 4

One of Medinah's truly great par-4's! With the addition of a new back tee, the length requires a driver shaping from left-to-right off the three fairway bunkers. If the players miss the fairway to the right, they could make bogey.. Left side of the fairway will still leave most a mid- to long-iron into a sloped and well-bunkered green. 

Hole 7

617 yards, Par 5

Another Medinah Classic, the seventh is the longest par-5 on the course. Rees Jones added another tee box that calls for the ideal tee shot down the left side, which will set up a lay-up shot focused on being 120 yards out. Anything closer brings a left side fairway bunker into play. If the players miss the green they are in danger of falling into the steep greenside bunkers. The green is elevated and has a several subtle breaks that make it difficult to read and putt.

Hole 8

201 yards, Par 3

Levelling of the fairway has given the players a great view of a heavily guarded green that breaks hard from left to right. The key here is to locate the halfway house, as most putts will break to the building.

Hole 9

432 yards, Par 4

A great dogleg left that presents somewhat of a blind shot off the tee, and in today's game will require a 3-wood, or hybrid. Hugging the right side here will leave you an uphill look at a well-bunkered green that breaks fast from right-to-left.  Difficult par 4.

Hole 10

578 yards, Par 5

Great players will reach this par 5 in two but they will be fantastic shots! The drive should be played toward the right bunkers, shaping from right-to-left. Club choice might include 3-wood to take the bunkers out of play, and then hitting a hybrid or long iron to a conservative lay-up will make the third shot a little easier. The tenth green has the greatest slope from back-to-front as any on the golf course.

Hole 11

440 yards, Par 4

The eleventh hole has the smallest green on the golf course, and the addition of the Rees Jones fairway bunker has put a premium on driving accuracy and club choice. The hole looks easy, but it could swing the momentum in a match

Hole 12

476 yards, Par 4

A generous driving area benefits the player staying to the right side for a better angle to approach the green.  The second shot should be mid-iron into a green that slopes hard from left-to-right, but doesn't look as severe because of the sharp drop-off on the right side of the green to the pond.

Hole 13

245 yards, Par 3

Known over the years as Medinah's signature hole, the green on thirteen is now guarded by three bunkers, and slopes from right-to-left. The club choice will be the challenge as players contend with the winds off Lake Kadijah. Being the longest par-3 on the course, and with the challenge of the wind, this may be where the matches turn on Sunday.

Hole 14

609 yards, Par 5

The longer players have the advantage here if they can get the ball to the top of the hill. From there they will have a long iron or fairway metal into a green that is well guarded by bunkers and slopes significantly from back-to-front. It is hard to get the ball close on the third shot because of the slope in the green. The challenge here will be to contend with the overhanging Medinah trees.

Hole 15

391 yards, Par 4

This hole could lead to more fireworks during the 39th Ryder Cup. If the tees are moved forward, then for many players, it will be it will be driver, 3-wood or hybrid for the long hitters! The green complex is where the challenge will begin as it is well bunkered in the front and has the Rees Jones collection area back-right. This small shallow green should produce a lot of memorable shots in Ryder Cup history!

Hole 16

482 yards, Par 4

In '99,  Sergio Garcia's miraculous shot from behind an oak tree on the right side of the fairway. The new Rees Jones tee box has brought driver back in to the hands of many players to leave approximately 200 yards into an elevated green that may require an extra club. Once greenside, there is no bargain dealing with a sloped green from right-to-left that is heavily guarded with bunkers.

Hole 17

193 yards, Par 3

The key here will be the wind off Lake Kadijah, and the nerves of trying to win a match to win the 39th Ryder Cup. Hitting this relatively flat green will be the key with being long or left, making up and down quite difficult.

Hole 18

449 yards, Par 4

Off the tee, Rees Jones added a group of bunkers to work the ball from right-to-left. On the approach, the green has been raised in the air almost one story high, and is flanked by some steep bunkers. The green, itself, is pitched from back-to-front, with a collection area in the back-right, with up and down to a back-right hole location almost impossible. The 18th could produce a dramatic finish to the Ryder Cup 2012